Complexity Made Simple

Building great software requires knowledge of a number of areas, including not only logic and engineering, but also design, usability, security, business and marketing. We specialize in building easy-to-use, secure platforms for your business that your users will love.

services Offered

Idea Workshop

Turn a nebulous idea into a concrete plan of action. We'll help you figure out how to build your software product, which technologies to use, what to look for in future hires, and how to preform usability tests. In essence, we get you everything to get you started.


Custom Web Applications

The house speciality: Websites, web application, backend APIs, real time applications. You name it, we build it. Our team of experts will build you a web application that is usable, beautiful, and secure using the best open-source technologies in the world: Django, Python, and PostgreSQL. Javascript, Angular, and React are also on the menu to meet your needs. We also offer tune-ups for existing applications.


Mobile Application

You've heard it before: the mobile device market is growing, and people increasingly consume content on their devices. However, having a mobile application isn't enough anymore: you need a good mobile application, lest you alienate users. We'll make sure your iOS/Android app is an asset---not an afterthought---by building a app that integrates with your business.



We offer hands-on, custom-tailored training in Python and Django to bring new engineers up to speed on your application stack. Take a class with Andrew Pinkham, the author of Django Unleashed, and learn everything you need to know to build websites in the web framework for perfectionists with deadlines.